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Hello every one,

I'm Munkho and I'm so happy that you are visiting my shop and reading this text. 

NOOS - Mongolian word for wool, since 2017, also the name of a family-run business.

Aunty Oyuna crochets, sews & knits on the machines in Mongolia,

Niece Munkho promotes and runs the shop in Czechia.

We offer products made from yak, camel wool and cashmere. 

Knitting yarns, beanies, mittens, socks, scarves & blankets for both kids and adults.

The wool we offer is:

No blends. No bleaching or dyeing.

100% natural fibre - hand-combed every spring after long harsh winter.

Extremely warm - yaks and camels live in extreme conditions (-35C). 

Antimicrobial - you won't notice any smell even after long outings.  

Water-resistant - lanolin works as natural impregnation. 

Breathable - fibers absorb & release moisture without decreasing its thermal insulating properties. 

Flexible - it can be stretched beyond its original shape


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