About us

Hello every one,

I'm Munkho and I'm so happy that you are visiting my shop and reading this text. 

Who is behind NOOS CONCEPT?

We're just 2 mothers supporting each other and wanting to be independent. Me, a mother of a 2,5-year-old toddler boy, and my aunt Oyuna in Mongolia. Oyuna takes care of all the production issues and me all the e-store maintaining, promotion, customer service and the packing, which takes me a lot of time, because I want it to be perfect! 

What's NOOS?

As you can see, we offer all kinds of wool products and yarns which were made in Mongolia. So you guessed right: NOOS is a mongolian word for wool =)

Wool? What's so special about it?

it's renewable – Wool is naturally grown and is renewable as the camel or yak is sheared once per year. This process is handmade and uses less energy to produce than synthetic manmade material. Moreover, wool is easily recycled because it is biodegradable. It can also be composted and used as a fertilizer due to its high level of nitrogen. 

Breathable material – wool and its unique structure let the feet breath, meaning that the fibers will absorb moisture and will let it evaporate. Your comfort will be considerably increased since your feet will not be swollen. You will sweat a lot less than in socks made of synthetic fabric. 

Warm and yet Cool - natural wool fibers will provide the most comfortable environment for your skin by regulating its temperature. When wearing a pair of wool socks, your feet will be warm in winter and fresh in summer. 

Antibacterial - when you wear a pair of wool socks you don’t have to worry about getting that stinky foot odor. Made from natural wool fiber that is breathable, these socks can help control odor by hindering bacterial growth. 

Durable - The complex cellular structure of wool made it extremely resilient and flexible to breakage. Felt can be bent over 30,000 times without any damage, not to mention that wool is seven times stronger than cotton. 

Water repellent – The fibers of the wool are naturally covered with a special waxy coating. Therefore, wool is water repellent and will be less exposed to stains (spills will not easily be absorbed by the fabric). 

Naturally fire-retardant- Wool fibers are very slow to burn. In case you are on an incredible camping trip and your pair of socks catches on fire, wool will self-regulate. How so? By hindering fire to progress while having the capability to self-extinguish the fire. 

Easy care - these natural wool fiber socks are very easy to maintain, can be machine washed (wool cycle, 30 degrees celsius, special wool detergent, slow spinning, and no tumble-dryer).

Here I am at festival mini which took place in Dec, 2017 in Prague. 


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