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Care instructions

Please, don't put the wool socks or mittens into washing machine with Ariel, Persil, Perwoll and others. Wool is like human hair. There are some special liquids for wool cleaning. Wool repels dirt, so it naturally stays on the outside of the fabric and can usually be wiped away.

If you really must wash, use cold water and a mild soap. Lay flat to dry.
Avoid heat as it may remove lanolin from the fibers and can damage the structure, resulting in broken fibers and decreased durability.

Wholesale availability

Yes, I can sell all of my products wholesale. I have already sold wholesale to Slovakia, Usa, Australia and Japan. Please contact me for conditions.

Sizing details

Click here to see the shoes sizing chart

If you're not sure about sizing, please contact me and I will measure everything to make sure you have the right size.

Also, in my other shop "NOOS BABY" I offer children items. So in case you're looking for wool accessories for kids, have a look at www.noosbaby.com

Gift wrapping and packaging

No problem at all =)) I can pack anything as a gift. 

Adult and children items in one order?

Yes, to save the shipping cost I can pack the adult items together with children items from my other shop "NOOS BABY". 

In that case, please, first place the orders on both shops and choose payment option "Other" at the end or both orders. I will give you instructions on how to pay by e-mail.

Delivery time

I pack and ship your orders within 2 business days and it will take: 

- within Czech Republic 1-2 business days
- within Europe 2-4 business days
- other countries 10-14 working days


I usually use services of Czech Post and all packages are sent with tracking number, so nothing gets lost.
Shipping fee is calculated according to weight of the package at the end of your order.

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