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Sarlag - hand-spun yak yarn

~ softest baby yak fibre ~


Exclusively hand-spun baby yak yarn by women from Arkhangai aimag, Mongolia.

The Arvidjin Ar Delgerekh Cooperative has adopted a fair and democratic mode of governance in which women play an increasingly important role.

Hand-spinning not only offers an additional meaning of earning during the winter months (when herding work slows down), but it also gives women a position of importance in the governance of the cooperative.

Each spinner individually signs the yarn balls they make, offering a sign of commitment. The fibre comes from selected yaks, particularly the Biaruu and the Shudlen yaks (one and two-year-old baby yaks), which have the softest yak fibre.

Yarn: 100% organic baby yak fiber (NO dyeing, NO bleaching, NO synthetics)

Origin: Mongolia

Ball weight: 100g or 50g/ball

Weight of the yarn: 2-ply fluffy

Ball length: 134m/100g or 67m/50g

Needle size: 4.5 - 5.5mm

Please note that despite similar colors there can be differences in the colors of the yarn from the different batches. Therefore I strongly suggest you to buy enough amount of yarn.

Please keep in mind that different computer/mobile/tablet monitors will display a color differently for a variety of reasons. Especially when it's a natural color.

Kč 339.00

Shipping fee is calculated according to weight of the package at the end of your order.

Yak wool is the new cashmere =)

As soon as you put your hand on the fiber, it will give you soft, silky, luxury and delicate feeling. You may even think it's cashmere as the texture is incredibly light and has the same softness.

Anything made from this premium down will keep you as warm and dry as their fibers do so for yaks in Mongolia. Breathable, quick drying, comfortable even for long outings. Yak down is also anti-microbial and you will not notice any smells even after intensive wear. Yak down fibers are hollow, allowing them to trap air and provide high warmth-to-weight ratios.

Yak down even outperformed Merino in independent laboratory testing boasting 40% more warmth, 66% greater air permeability, and 17% greater water vapor permeability than Merino wool fabrics.

How much yarn do you need? Here is an online knitting calculator which will help you estimate the total yarn needed to complete a project. Click here for the online calculator

Care instructions Wool naturally repels dirt, so it stays on the outside of the fabric and can usually be wiped away.

If you really must wash, use cold water and a mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Avoid heat as it may remove lanolin from the fibers and can damage the structure, resulting in broken fibers and decreased durability.

Wholesale availability Yes, I can sell all of my products wholesale. Please contact me for conditions.

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