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Temé - camel wool yarn

~ pure organic fiber ~


Color: natural beige or brown

Fiber: 100% organic camel hair (NO dyeing, NO bleaching, NO synthetics)

Origin: Mongolia

Ball weight: approx. 95 gr/ball

Meterage: approx. 370-390m/ball

Weight of the yarn: 3-ply (fingering)

Needle size: 3 - 3.75mm

Please note that despite similar colors there can be differences in the colors of the yarn from the different batches. Therefore I strongly suggest you to buy enough amount of yarn.

Please keep in mind that different computer/mobile/tablet monitors will display a color differently for a variety of reasons. Especially when it's a natural color.


Wool in general is pretty sweet because of all of its healthful properties.

One of the most important properties of wool is that it is fantastic at regulating temperature. This not only means that it keeps you super warm in the winter, but also that it can keep you cool in the hot temperatures as well. Wool can really be worn all year round.

Second, even though wool can hold up to a third of its weight in water, it wicks the moisture away from your skin.

Finally, wool is naturally water-resistant, repelling moisture vapor through its fibers and making it resistant to rot, mold and mildew. Its unique structure doesn’t allow odor buildup, which is why its often used for extreme activities and cloth diaper covers. If you are kind of stinky, wool is a great option for you. Wool is also hypoallergenic.

Camels produce longer fibers than sheep, which results in a more durable finished product. Mongolian camels are known to produce even longer fibers than their southern born counterparts, due to living in colder climates, hence producing a more durable material.

Camel wool threads are hollow, which keeps the products lightweight but ultra insulating.

Isn’t wool itchy? On average, camel wool fibers are finer than most merino wool, which results in a softer, more delicate feel.

Kč 379.00

Shipping fee is calculated according to weight of the package at the end of your order.


More about these camels

Bactrian camels are native to the Gobi dessert, which is some of the most hostile terrain on the planet. Hot days and cold, cold nights and no cell service. Hence, they’ve got some awesome fur to help regulate their body temperature. Still no cell service, though.

Mongolian nomads have been using Bactrian camels for centuries to aid in the seasonal moving of their homesteads. They are not intensively reared and spend their whole lives really roaming the land in the Mongolian steppe. Wool is collected from the camels in the spring during their natural molting season, and traditional hand-gathering methods are still commonly used.

How much yarn do you need? Here is an online knitting calculator which will help you estimate the total yarn needed to complete a project. Click here for the online calculator

Care instructions Please, don't put the wool socks or mittens into washing machine with Ariel, Persil, Perwoll and others. Wool is like human hair. There are some special liquids for wool cleaning. Wool repels dirt, so it naturally stays on the outside of the fabric and can usually be wiped away.

If you really must wash, use cold water and a mild soap. Lay flat to dry.

Avoid heat as it may remove lanolin from the fibers and can damage the structure, resulting in broken fibers and decreased durability.

Wholesale availability Yes, I can sell all of my products wholesale. Please contact me for conditions.

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