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Felted pure wool slippers

~ cosy, breathable and lightweight ~

Classic meets comfy in this low-profile pure wool slippers from the folks in Mongolia who know how to make a slipper you'll really want to slip into.

The healthy benefits of using wool are hypoallergenic, breathable, natural temperature regulating, extra light weight, odour resistant, durable, superior support. Ideal for people with arthritis, rheumatism, back pain and asthma.

As wool is a flexible material, the slippers shape will change slowly according to your foot shape.

Soft, cosy, breathable and lightweight. Made from 100% sheep wool featuring a real suede non-slip sole.

You should wear these slippers at an exact fit . If you're something in between 2 sizes, I would suggest you to choose the smaller one.

CategoryAll products for adults, Slippers
Kč 1499.00

Shipping fee is calculated according to weight of the package at the end of your order.


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Care instructions Wool repels dirt, so it naturally stays on the outside of the fabric and can usually be wiped away. Avoid moisture/water as it may damage the structure, resulting in broken fibers and decreased durability.

Wholesale availability Yes, I can sell all of my products wholesale. Please contact me for conditions.

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