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Mongolian word for wool, since 2017, also the name of a

family-run business. Oyuna crochets, sews & knits on the machines in Mongolia, Munkho does the design and takes care of everything else.




Yak and camel wool are obtained in Mongolia every spring after a long winter by combing. This method is very gentle compared to shearing and does not harm the animal at all. Most of our products contain 100% wool. We do not dye, bleach or blend the wool.




Yaks from ArkhangaI and camels from Gobi live in extreme conditions (-35°C) and have exremely warm wool which has a much longer fiber than, for example, merino. They have a very fine and soft coat. Anything made from these premium wool will keep you warm and dry just as the wool itself will keep the Mongolian yaks or camels themselves comfortable. Breathable, fast drying, comfortable even when worn for a long time.




We recommend to wash our products as less as possible. If possible, do not wash. Wool is self-cleaning and contains lanolin (animal fat), which acts as a natural impregnation, i.e. it repels dirt and moisture from the fabric surface.

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