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We suggest you to wash the socks as less as possible. How come?

Wool contains lanolin (animal fat) which works like natural impregnation, meaning it repels dirt, so it naturally stays on the outside of the fabric and can usually be wiped away.

If you have to wash use cold water and wool detergent. Please, in no case do not use usual wash powder or gel. Lay flat to dry.

Socks and mittens maintenance

Unfortunately our socks are not outdoor socks. As wool is a natural material, it’s not so resistant to rubbing and pressure. Therefore they don’t last as long as synthetic materials do. Unfortunately it happens to all wool socks. The more wool, the faster they tend to get holes. 

Another important thing is the suitable footwear. For the winter, we recommend looser shoes (half size or even size bigger) so that you've got more space for socks and for blood circulation. We suggest 2-3 pairs/season.

The same goes to our mittens. They are not like outdoor mittens, which last longer, but won't keep you that warm. 

All our mittens are made of 100% wool in a double layer (except for the wrist with elastic part). The biggest strain occurs between the thumb and forefinger and on the thumb. If your mittens start getting holes at these parts, we can send you yarn for free by mail to repair the holes. 

How to store wool

Please, watch out for clothes moths when storing the wool products. Especially during the summer, when winter clothes are kept for longer period of time in one place. They love humid and warm places, especially dark corners of cabinets with minimal access of air. Their most favorite love natural materials such as wool, silk or fur.


We recommend checking your woollen stuff regularly in the closet and storing them in a plastic box or vacuum container. Use a cedar or lavender scent to keep them away.

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