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10 reasons to buy a wool carpet:


  • this carpet was made of carefully washed wool, densely woven and has long hair.
  • unlike other floor materials, wool carpet has the ability to heat and retain heat
  • a wool carpet absorbs noise, thanks to which it soundproofs the room
  • your new carpet softens the impact of feet (especially for toddlers) on the ground and creates a pleasant feeling of comfort
  • it stays cool on hot summer days and warm on freezing winters since it plays an important role in controlling air humidity
  • among other things, it filters (sucks) impurities from the air and purifies the air you breathe
  • wool carpets have a gift from nature to resist fire and are not flammable at all
  • despite its softness the surface ensures high friction, which prevents slipping
  • unlike other floor materials, it does not cause allergies
  • pure wool carpets are made from long-lasting natural materials, so they are environmentally friendly and economical

Dimensions: 200 x 300cm


Origin: Mongolia


Weight: approx. 14.5 kg of pure wool

Titan carpet

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  • we sell and ship this product only within CZ and SK

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