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Finally, a proper blanket made of baby camel wool, i.e. from a two-year-old camel from Gobi steppe. This young camel has an even finer wool than an adult camel. It is obtained by combing out in the spring just like an adult.


Basically, one of the things that must not be missing in the home. Extra warm and light. If you take good care of it, it will last for more than one generation. A fine product of 100% natural and undyed mongolian camel wool.


Compocition: 100% organic baby camel wool


Dimensions: 200 cm x 150 cm


Weight: approx. 800 grams

Baby camel blanket

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  • Wool is the best natural renewable fiber that keeps you warm even when wet. It can absorb and wick away moisture from the skin, therefore anything knitted from this wool breathes and sweat doesn't make you feel cold like synthetic or cotton fibre.


    The Mongolian bactrian - two-humped camel has really fine and soft fur. It lives on Gobi steppe, where the temperature can drop to -35°C in winter. Its wool is much warmer than merino wool due to its long fiber.

  • we recommend you to wash the blanket as less as possible. If possible do not wash. This will help extend the product's life span =) wool contains lanolin (animal fat), which acts as a natural impregnation, i.e. it repels dirt and moirture from the surface of the fabric. Anything made of wool doesn't get dirty that quickly. Simply wipe it off or let it air out in fresh air. If you have to wash, it is best to use a wool detergent. More about wool maintenance here.

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