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Luxuriously warm and cozy mittens made from organic mongolian camel wool.

  • unisex
  • incomparable warmth
  • double layer of wool - like two mittens inside each other
  • no cotton or fleece lining
  • waterrepellent (thanks to lanolin)

Size: total length of hand palm part until finger toes, without wrist


Composition: 97% organic camel wool, 3% elastane


Have you lost one mitten? Don't worry, we also sell one hand. Our mittens don't have right or left. Write us please what size you are interested in.

Camel mittens for children - beige

  • Mongolian bactrian - two-humped camel has really fine and soft fur. It lives in Gobi steppe, where the temperature can drop to -35°C in winter. Its wool is much warmer than merino wool due to its longer fiber.


    Wool is the best natural renewable fiber that keeps you warm even when wet. It can absorb and keep away moisture from the skin, therefore the anything made from this premium fiber breathes and sweat does not make you feel cold during sports like synthetic or cotton fiber.

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