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Unisex socks for children made of organic mongolian camel wool:

  • super warm and fluffy
  • chunky knit
  • suitable for barefoot shoes
  • no pressure on the high instep and the loose hem doesn`t strangle the leg

Composition: 95% camel wool, 5% elastane

Children socks - brown camel

  • The Mongolian bactrian (two-humped) camel lives in Gobi steppe with extreme conditions (-35°C) and have extremely warm wool which has a much longer fiber than, for example, merino. They have a very fine and soft coat.


    Anything made from these premium wool will keep you warm and dry just as the wool itself will keep the Mongolian camels.

  • As our socks contain a high percentage of wool, wearing them in shoes (rubbing and pressure.) shortens the life. For bigger children, we recommend 2 pairs for the season or ivory color (lasts longer).

    We recommend washing socks as less as possible. If possible do not wash. Wool contains lanolin (animal fat), which acts as a natural impregnation, i.e. repels dirt and impurities from the surface of the fabric. Anything made from wool doesn't get dirty as quickly. Simply wipe it off or let it air out in the fresh air. If you have to wash, preferably by hand wool detergent. We recommend reading more about the care instructions here.

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