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Luxuriously warm and soft unisex mittens for your little ones

  • double layer of wool - like two mittens inside each other
  • no cotton or fleece linings
  • thanks to lanolin water/snow-repellent


For complet outfit we make neckwarmer and beanie from same color fiber =)


Sizing: total length of the hand palm to the fingertips without the wrist


Composition: 97% organic yak wool, 3% elastane


Have you lost a mitten? Don't worry, we also sell one hand. Our mittens don't have right or left. Write us please what size you are interested in.


Children mittens - earth yak

1 000,00 KčPrice
  • Mongolian yak from Arkhangai province has really fine and soft fur. It lives in area where temperature drops to -35°C in winter. As soon as your hand touches the fiber, you will feel its luxurious, soft and silky touch. You may even feel like you have cashmere in your hand as the texture is incredibly light and has the same softness.


    Anything made from this premium wool will keep you warm and dry as their fibers do so for yaks in Mongolia. Breathable, quick-drying, comfortable even for long outings. Yak down fibers are hollow, allowing them to trap air and provide high warmth-to-weight ratios.


    Yak down even outperformed Merino in independent laboratory testing boasting 40% more warmth, 66% greater air permeability, and 17% greater water vapor permeability than Merino wool fabrics.

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