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versatile enough for special occasions but can also be worn every day as an oversized scarf, blanket or shawl.


  • incomparably warm
  • unisex
  • lightweight
  • breathable


For complet set we make headband, beanie and mittens from same color fiber.


Composition: 100% organic undyed yak wool


Dimensions: 130 cm x 130 cm

Shawl grey yak

4 600,00 KčPrice
  • yaks from Arkhangai live in extreme conditions (-35°C) and have exremely warm wool which has a much longer fiber than, for example, merino.

    As soon as your hand touches the fiber, you will feel its luxurious and silky touch. You may even feel like you have cashmere in your hand, because the fiber has an incredibly light structure and is just so delicate and soft.


    Anything made from this premium wool will keep you warm and dry just as the wool itself keeps the mongolian yak comfortable and warm.


    Breathable, quick-drying, comfortable even when worn for a long time. Yak wool fibers are hollow, thanks to which they can keep air inside and have an excellent ratio of insulation to their own weight.


    Yak wool even outperformed merino wool in independent laboratory testing with 40% higher warmth, 66% higher breathability and 17% higher water vapor wicking than merino.

  • we recommend you to wash the shawl as less as possible. If possible do not wash. This will help extend the product's life span =) wool contains lanolin (animal fat), which acts as a natural impregnation, i.e. it repels dirt and moirture from the surface of the fabric. Anything made of wool doesn't get dirty that quickly. Simply wipe it off or let it air out in fresh air. If you have to wash, it is best to use a wool detergent. More about wool maintenance here.

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